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Progress of Micade Ressurection Halted..

2014 is shaping up to be an eventful year!

By “Ozzy” : Posted On “25th June 2014 - 12:37 pm”

The previous post outlined changes which Micade will be going through in the coming months. The reboot will focus on quality over quantity, a stark contrast to many available online gaming websites. Some of the existing games will be removed to make way for higher quality, fun, polished pass times. It has been 7 years since this version of Micade was released and it has definately seen better days. A complete overhaul is on the way. The video's section will be removed as well as the forums. Unfortunately, these two sections of Micade were very rarely used so there is no point in keeping them. With that being said, there has been much more to 2014 then just the changes for Micade.

Who can forget the World Cup being hosted in Brazil? With the matches underway, it is shaping up to be a crazy World Cup. Poor old England got knocked out in the group stages, something that has'nt happened since 1958. The other teams just outclassed the England squad. The Netherlands had a very surprising but brutal victory against Spain. Who would have thought Spain would lose 5-1 to the Dutch!

The 2014 World Cup has become more than a game of football however. Some players, probably dissatisfied with the caterers, have taken to cannibalism. Enter Luis Suarez. The Uruguay striker got a bit peckish in the game against Italy, prompting him to take a bite out of Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder. As you can imagine, Giorgio did not take too kindly to this. It's a sobering thought that cannibalism is still alive and well.

In other news LeBron James seems to be sweltering under the Miami Heat as he has decided to act on his contract's early termination clause. July 1st, LeBron can spread his proverbial wings, although he may not need them as his bounds reach further than most birds can fly! It will be interesting to see where James moves to next, one thing is for sure: he has plenty of options.

I will wrap this up for now. Look forward to more articles in the coming weeks which should bring us up to the release of the new Micade website. As always, leave your comments below on how 2014 has been for you. We are only halfway through after all!

Whack Your Boss Some More

By “Ozzy” : Posted On “25th June 2014 - 11:36 am”

It is easy to see that the majority of the game plays on Micade belong to Whack Your Boss 2. A lot of you seem to hate your bosses! That being said, Whack Your Boss lets you do everything you wish you could to that boss of yours without repercussions. Just remember to keep it in the game, as doing it for real will probably end badly for all involved!

On a side note, Micade will be going through major changes in the coming months as it has been far too long that this website has deserved a refresh. More information will be released as we get closer to release but for now, comment below on what features you would love to see in the new Micade. Or even what you would want to be removed!